From west to east through the Viennese property landscape

24 May, 2017

Until the First World War the city of Vienna was one of the five largest metropolitan cities worldwide. After that Vienna became the metropolitan hydrocephalus of a smaller European country. The population size slipped clearly below the mark of two million inhabitants. The past glory, however, has remained perceptible for everyone up to the present date, in part due to the construction and property portfolio. Yet since the fall of the Iron Curtain the city has been experiencing a renaissance once again. The metropolis is increasingly assuming its former capacity again as a link between Central and Eastern Europe. Today the growing city is once more the second largest municipality in the German-speaking region after Berlin and ahead of Hamburg.


After two days of meetings with customers we had the opportunity to explore the city first hand and on foot from west to east on a one-day 12-kilometre hike.

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