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We will support you with our Consulting

We will support and consult you in the development and management of property of various structures.

The former production area, the residential complex or the local shopping center – our scope of work is as varied as the different types of property.

In this context, for example, in the comparative final location decision, in the re-organization of existing property or in market analysis of a micro-location taking various temporary conditions into consideration.

Our consultancy expertise is the result of many years experience in the real estate sector. We will help to successfully implement your plans. We provide support in improving your sustainable property management.

We look forward to hearing from you to arrange an initial personal discussion, which is of course free of charge.

The following is an overview of our consultancy services.

Are you an entrepreneur with property for business operation which you will no longer be able to use effectively in the future?

This is an extract (outline) from a current consulting commission for a medium-sized enterprise in the city area of Hamburg:

  • The mid-sized city in greater Hamburg.
  • The micro-situation and cross-regional setting.
  • The current situation of the property.
  • Evaluation of the existing building design.
  • An assessment of the sustainability of the existing building operational structure.
  • Possibilities of third-party utilisation for the portfolio.
  • A successor tenant from the retail world?
  • Viable conversion of the portfolio property to residential use?
  • Change of use to a building with office space utilisation.
  • Statements on a future new development of the property.
  • A building law framework for new development - § 34 of the German Building Code (BauGB)?
  • Which building approval procedural processes would be favourable?
  • What type of use would be economically viable?
  • What sort of building volume would be conceivable?
  • What approximate building costs should be considered in the calculations?
  • Statements on the approximate yield from the sale of any future development.
  • Estimation of the approximate sale price achievable.
  • Optional integration of neighbouring properties.
  • Statements on the concept for a possible transaction in the bidding process.

If you feel that the content above is relevant to you, we would love to hear from you!

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