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Analysis - Market, Location, Property

In management issues, in the phase of acquiring and selling or when preparing property plans, well-founded facts are often required in order to make sensible decisions.

This also includes evaluations, property parameters which make developments and success measurable. Careful examination of risks (Due Diligence) ensures that extensive business damage is avoided.

Different issues are involved for apartment buildings than for a shopping center or future conversion of a former production area.

The condition of the building structure, the legal issues, the quality and sustainability of tenancy agreements, the population, income and market development of the local and regional environment…issues to be considered depend on the respective task involved.

You require clear statements concerning the functioning of the property complex and a long-term estimate about the location so that you can present decisive arguments to your contractual partners and can identify negative development at any early stage?

PCS Hamburg GmbH is your ideal partner for compiling market, location and property analyses. Just ask us!

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