The Internet - and at present the corona lockdown - are forcing negative developments on the town centre retailers - difficult times for properties an...

12 May, 2020

Der innerstädtische Einzelhandel befand sich schon vor dem Corona-Lockdown nicht gerade in einem ruhigen Fahrwasser. Das Internet wurde in den letzten Jahren nicht mehr nur visionär, sondern real zum entscheidenden Entwicklungsmotor im Wettbewerb des...

Clearance of the development space at Vehrenkampstraße/ Privat Road

11 May, 2020

Clearance of the development space at Vehrenkampstraße/ Privatweg in Hamburg.

Development site with demolished structures sold for the envisaged purchase price of the ownership community

04 May, 2019

Processing year 2018. In recent years the district surrounding Barmbek Station has undergone an extremely accelerated urban development.

A port with a glorious past struggles to preserve its future – impressions of an urban excursion to Liverpool

01 June, 2018

In the 19th century Liverpool was the trade metropolis of the world. In its heyday 40% of the world’s trade was conducted here.

From west to east through the Viennese property landscape

24 May, 2017

Until the First World War the city of Vienna was one of the five largest metropolitan cities worldwide. After that Vienna became the metropolitan hydrocephalus of a smaller European country.

Upswing in Harburg – Traditional administration building near train station sold

16 December, 2016

For many years, the visually striking red brick building was the administrative headquarters and central cafeteria of what was once the largest independent company in Harburg.

Bye bye bus depot Weidestrasse – a district is being gentrified

09 September, 2016

For decades the district of Barmbeck-Süd was characterised by the bus depot that added nothing to the attractiveness of the urban landscape. However, there will be an end to this in two years time at the latest. The bus depot is then to be moved to O...

Invitation to Poznan – Poland

02 July, 2016

Invitation by Polish building clients to the Interaktywne Centrum Histori Ostrowo Turnskiego (Interactive Heritage Centre of Cathedral Island) in Poznan (formerly Posen).

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