The station, the squeaky curve, the Neue Mitte - urban changes are multi-facetted

19 September, 2023

City development processes are laborious, more complex than originally expected, seldom troublefree.

Altona-Ottensen - urban and economic transformation happening before our very eyes

22 March, 2023

The urban development and associated economic transformation of Altona-Ottensen was and still is as vividly obvious as if a spotlight were trained on the district.

Hamburg is a city of great contrasts - a walk from Hafencity University to the Energieberg

14 November, 2022

Hamburg`s Hafen City, an urban development project known throughout Europe, is a real highlight of the city. The urban neighbourhood district of Veddel is a real contrast.

The investment property, the apartment block - lived family traditions in times of forced modernisation measures (sec. 555b of the German Civil Code.....

29 July, 2022

An apartment block in Eimsbüttel or perhaps something a little more modest in Harburg form part of the treasured

Energy transition - an uncertain prospect?

26 April, 2022

I often travel to external work meetings in relative leisure by train. This also means that there is a bit more time to really reflect on the passing landscape; and it is becoming increasingly obvious how wind turbines dominate the vista.

Property development - partnership between original owner and investor - an option?

10 January, 2022

A good example here is the property of a family business which has been manufacturing on this site for decades. But changes in competitive circumstances and more restrictive framework .......

Property investments and choosing locations: a brief glance at the peripheries of the city

22 October, 2021

Even during the pandemic demand for property investments has only essentially reduced in a few commercial segments. Just as before among private and institutional investors....

There is no silver Bullet when it comes to commercial property transactions

12 April, 2021

The decision to sell commercial property is generally made on the basis of meticulous internal audits in advance. Every sale of commercial premises is unique

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